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NGL Payment Agreement: The cost to participate in the NGL six-week program is $390.00. Please make your payment option selection before the start of the program. Payment is due in advance in order for the child to attend.


Due to the extremely low tuition fee which is well below comparable programs, there will be no discounts given when the children does not attend or for more than one child in a family.


The cost per child to attend the Next Generation of Leaders (NGL) Summer Enrichment Program is for the entire six-week period whether your child attends or not. A non-refundable deposit of $130.00 must be paid with the selection of one of the payment options below. The payment schedule reflects the balance including the deposit.

1st Payment Due: 6/14/19. The 2nd payment is due: 6/28/19 and the 3rd payment is due: 7/12/19
_____Option #1: Paid in Full $390.00 | $0.00 | $0.00
(includes $130 deposit)

_____Option #2: $195.00 | $195.00 | $0.00
(includes $130 deposit)


_____Option #2: $130.00 | $130.00 | $0.00
(includes $130 deposit)


We/I elect to participate in the installment plan with the NGL Summer Enrichment Program for the entire six-week program. We/I agree to make payment before the start of the program by choosing one of the payment options above. It is understood that failure to make full payment on or before the due date will give the Program the right to deny participation in the program. In addition, the balance will be charged We/I understand this is a payment agreement. The signature(s) received at the time of registration certify that we/I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


We/I understand there are no refunds given to those who do not notify the program coordinator in writing that they will not attend the program during the entire six-week period after June 17, 2020.


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